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Australia Day practice

Practice for Australia Day

Riverina fires, December 2019

Updates from bushfires in the Riverina region.

Parkes Elvis Festival, 2020

Australia's Fire Crisis

Large swathes of the nation are under threat from never-seen-before bushfires. From Tasmania to Victoria, South Australia and a huge part of the NSW Coast are facing a life-threatening reality this weekend.

Coast in Crisis: South Coast January 4

The South Coast endures the third disastrous day since the beginning of December.

Bushfire crisis, Western

Coast in Crisis: South Coast burns

As the South Coast battles through another massive day of fires, we'll be covering the event live and free.

The South Coast burns

Fires continue to threaten NSW South Coast communities.

The Examiner's 111th Empty Stocking Appeal

Stay up to date with the latest stories and fundraising efforts for this year's appeal.

South Coast in crisis

Fire crews are working on a bushfire south west of Nowra in the Tianjara area. The fire broke out off Braidwood Road in bushland between the Tinajara Falls and the Yerriyong area just before 7am and has already burnt out 35 hectares. The fire is just east of Tianjara Falls and is moving slowly in a north easterly direction and is at advice level at the moment. Fire crews are looking to close Braidwood Road to the west on the Nerriga side of the fire. The concern is the fire is in the vicinity of the former Tianjara firing range, which was primarily used for artillery training from World War II until the 1980s and has an unknown amount of unexploded ordnance, or UXO.